EasyTrack is an irrigation rental tracking system for the agriculture industry.  It processes and tracks irrigation rental orders, and provides detailed inventory reports that allow you to run your business more efficiently.

EasyTrack was designed with your specific needs in mind.  If you’ve been struggling to fit your business into another rental tracking product, QuickBooks, or even if you’ve been keeping track of your rental orders on paper, give us a call.  We look forward to showing you how EasyTrack can help you run your business more efficiently and make you more profitable.

Advanced Reporting

EasyTrack has built-in reports that let you run your business smoothly

Use the power of Excel

Dynamically select and export data to Excel to create ad-hoc reports, Pivot/Gantt charts, and tables.

Time & Materials Tracking

Where and how long employees and equipment are allocated, and reasons for production delays.

Track key daily events

Has a client ever asked you why a particular day’s work wasn’t as productive as usual? Now you can look back quickly explain to your client that foul weather hampered your efforts.

Earned Value Reporting

Calculations that used to take hours in Excel now take a few minutes thanks to EasyTrack report automation

Project at a Glance

Dashboards and reports show current project status.

Vendor management

What, when, why and for which project did you purchase equipment and services from suppliers.

Stay on top of your vendors

Monitor how much you spend with each vendor, and which line item its associated with

Optional features

We specialize in writing custom software. If there's a feature you need, we can build it for you.

Fits like a glove

That’s the goal of EasyTrack: We build software that fits the way you do business.


  • Keep track of multiple sites per customer
  • Transfer inventory between sites for a particular customer
  • Maintain a list of part numbers and descriptions used by the system
  • View quantity on hand System Wide, by District, by Customer, and by Customer and Customer Site
  • Plan phone calls and pickups using the View Orders by End Date report
  • Determine if you can fill a future order from rental contracts that are due to end soon.
  • Transfer inventory directly from one customer to another without having to receive it into inventory at your warehouse
  • Record pickup and delivery requests for a future date
  • Create a delivery or pickup request that tells the driver exactly what to do and where to go
  • View previous deliveries and pickups for each customer
  • See a list of previous orders for each customer that details order status, and contract close date
  • Keep track of multiple contacts at each customer

Why Choose Us?

      • A lot more cost effective than the popular packaged applications.
      • Creative Dynamic’s focus is to build and support software that fits your company’s exact needs
      • Our team of business analysts and programmers has years of experienced working with companies in your industry.