Fast and Easy Access Version Upgrades

We make the upgrade process as simple and efficient as possible

Upgrading can be a simple matter of pressing a few buttons here and there—or a complex rewrite of certain sections of your system, and all levels in between. Our free evaluation helps us to analyze your current database and what an upgrade entails for you. The typical upgrade process includes the following steps:

  • We work closely with you to understand how you use your database—and how your upgrade can improve those processes
  • Some Access 97-03 technologies aren’t in Access 2010 and 2013, including Access Data Projects, User-Level Security and Custom Menus—we modify these features to ensure that they do work in more recent versions of Access.
  • We ensure that your Access Database file works with later versions of Access

Our testing process is a vital part of this service. Our designers go through the code, picking up bugs to ensure that your upgraded Access database is everything you hoped it would be—and more.


We offer a free evaluation of your legacy software and systems

 We know the cost of upgrading is significant, both in replacing software and hardware—and also retraining employees to use the new systems implemented. Is it worth it?

Our developers can evaluate the current state of your Access Database and pinpoint where you’re at your most vulnerable—and then help you to upgrade and patch your vulnerabilities so that your database is safe from the prying eyes of hackers.


Don’t make yourself an easy hacking target. Talk to us today.

Call us up today at 800-278-7856 or contact us online to find out more about our Access upgrade services and how we can make it secure, modernized and customized to your business’ needs. A hacker could be targeting you at this very moment—it’s time to stop them dead in their tracks!

Why upgrade?

Hackers love to target old system with new viruses—Hire Professional Access Developers Today To Secure Your Valuable Databases

Unless you work for the IRS or a large organization that has the clout and finances to pay Microsoft to maintain security patches, your MS Access Database is currently a weak link that is at wide open risk for catching a computer virus.

In 2014, Microsoft stopped providing security patches for XP systems or older—you’re not alone in running systems that work for you, but they are vulnerable, and hackers are targeting you.

It’s a good question. From a business point of view, it’s a great opportunity to add features you’ve always wanted, increase productivity and also keep your databases safe:

Hacker protection: the older your Access, the older your systems—and the more advantage hackers have. By upgrading to a version of Windows still supported by Microsoft and upgrading your Access, you can greatly improve the security of your system..
New, customized features: Have you always wanted a feature that simply wasn’t available with your Access? Upgrading allows us to create custom features that do exactly what you want.
Upgraded looks: Despite the saying, people do judge books by their cover—especially in the sales process. Running software that is a decade old—or more—can plant a seed of doubt in today’s tech-savvy customer.
Improved usability: Your users are familiar with your application—and you probably have a lot of upgrades you’d like to make to usability. An upgrade is the perfect time to not just improve the look and feel of the system, but also its ease of use.

The older your database, the more information it has to be mined. Are you getting the full benefit of that harvest—or is it simply just “there”? During the upgrade process, we can add business intelligence and reporting tools that give you the power to sift through the database for valuable data that you can use to improve your business’ efforts in marketing and sales.

Our designers understand how business works—and we work with you to improve your Access system in such a way that your business benefits from better productivity.

Keep the hackers out.

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