Typical configuration includes client software that connects to a processing system located on a central server

Economical, yet powerful

Unless you need a large number of external clients accessing the system, client-server software is typically the least expensive option. Client-server allows us to focus our resources on building sophisticated processing capabilities.

Web Applications

Business software that is powerful, portable, and able to serve clients as well as employees.

Powerful and easy to distribute

Custom web applications that we build are both sophisticated and easy to use. We emphasize an intuitive user experience at every point in the development process. Web apps are also quite easy to distribute, all you need is a web browser.


The ultimate in speed and flexibility

Mobile & Connected

When your clients and employees need access to your system, but don’t have ready access to a laptop, we can build a mobile application that will provide access to key functionality that lets business proceed unimpeded

Software made Simple

Are you spending too much time in front of computers?

We make most of our living sitting in front of computers, but for most people it doesn’t make money, it’s time-consuming overhead.  In fact, it takes away valuable time from producing more income, and from leisure time to do all the other things you like to do.  Getting tasks done on a computer should flow naturally and as efficiently possible. If that’s not your case, we can minimize your time in front of computers by providing you with custom built software, tailored exactly to your needs!